The European ‘Lifelong Learning Programme’ (LLP) Multilateral Project ‘Digital Literacy Instructor’ (DigLin), started in January 2013, runs for three years, until 2015. The main aim is to substantially advance literacy training for non-literate adult immigrants learning to read for the first time in Dutch, English, German or Finnish.
DigLin is developing Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) systems – advanced learning materials that allow individualization of instruction and teacher-independent learning. After a short familiarization period learners might be able to use the CALL systems at their own level and pace, whenever and wherever they want. The teacher stimulates the learners by setting the goals and providing a wide range of tasks and exercises. All kind of feedback is built into the CALL system by making use of advanced human language technology.

Satisfied users and high scores
The DigLin project was completed in December 2015 and was very successful.
In the final report we received from the EC it was assigned a final total score of 95% (i.e. 9.5/10), with a 9 on 5 scales, a 10 for Coherence, and a 10 for Project Management!
The system has been used by many students who are generally very satisfied with the program.

Free use in 2016 [with limited use of ASR]